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Dr. Annet Hoek

Experienced Program and Research Manager

Coach and Consultant.

for Impactful Health and Nutrition Initiatives

Read more about what I do below or connect via LinkedIn while my website is being redesigned:

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What I do

Nurturing research, teams and programs in health and nutrition

My work and services are for organisations and agencies who want to achieve real-world impact in health or food & nutrition through an evidence-based approach.


By partnering with me, you are also guaranteed a people-centric approach, with a focus on the people and communities you serve, as well as those involved in your projects and organisation as a whole.


Each organisation I work with is unique, which is why I start with jointly identifying the key challenges before developing practical solutions that meet their needs. What are the challenges you or your team are facing?



Supporting Research Teams, Projects & Programs in Health or Nutrition


Supporting Researchers to confidently navigate their impact journey


Advice, Research & Insights for behaviour, social and system change projects

Let's Connect

Working nationally and internationally out of the Blue Mountains and Sydney, Australia

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